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Premature Ejaculation


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Poxet 30 mg is highly used for premature ejaculation treatment. However, this is one of the best-selling products in the market that has successfully eliminated early ejaculation disorder in men.

People can choose this PE drug to extend the length of sexual activity by the better half. Thus, it is a highly suggested medicine for men with premature ejaculation conditions.

What is Poxet 30 mg?

If you are a man looking for an effective solution to prevail over premature ejaculation disorder, none can work better than Poxet 30 mg tablets.

Its generic component is Dapoxetine which works outstandingly in the men’s health to give them complete freedom of early ejaculation troubles.

We can understand how men suffer from premature ejaculation problems like they cannot stay longer on the bed during sexual performance and discharge early. Today millions of men face this problem. Keeping this issue in mind, our manufacturer, Sunrise Remedies, has made this Dapoxetine tablet called Poxet.

Poxet 30 USA is considered one of the most favorable medicines for the use of early ejaculation problems among males.

The Poxet 30 online tablets are available all over the internet, and most websites sell medicines. However, buying from Cenforcepills will give you 100% safety, honesty, loyalty, trust, and cost-effectiveness in the medications.

Uses of the Poxet 30 mg

You are welcome to an online platform to Buy Poxet 30 tablets, one of the best PE or premature ejaculation cure solutions for every man.

The medicine consists of a natural ingredient called Dapoxetine, which assists men in getting an everlasting sexual life.

You can enjoy sex during intercourse because the medicine helps remove early sexual discharge in the bed.

This is called 100% safe medicine that provides sufficient erections to men during the entire process of sexual activity.


Poxet 30 medication’s dose is taken after the advice of doctors only.

Need this medicine to consume with water even, you can take it either with or without food.

Don’t take this medicine after eating your meal, the medicine must be taken when you haven’t eaten anything.

It must be ingested only 50 minutes before going to bed for sexual intimacy.

The medicine is suggested to be taken in a single dosage within 24 hours.

Poxet 30 | Poxet 60 | Poxet 90

What happens if we take an overdose of Poxet 30?

If you are taking a double dose or overdose of Poxet, then you may face certain kinds of ups and downs in your health thus, you should always avoid overdose.

What happens if we miss a dose of Poxet?

If we miss a dose or forget medicine to take, we do not need to get nervous at all. Make sure there is time so you can take a tablet, but if you have already delayed, schedule for medicine consumption the next day. Try to remember this medicine.

Benefits of Poxet 30 mg

The Poxet 30 medicines work fantastically in the body and play a significant role in treating premature ejaculation diseases in men.

Although, Poxet tablets have a potent ability to combat early ejaculation issues immediately.

The medicine will benefit if you take it regularly without skipping a day.

Thus, to get free from such sexual problems of early discharge, we suggest you select Poxet pills only.

How Does Poxet 30 mg Work?

Poxet 30 mg tablets have an active agent called Dapoxetine, which works as an antidepressant medication, and also it is a key ingredient of Poxet that mainly aims to cure premature ejaculation by preventing the development of serotonin amounts.

Like this, it enhances the activity of serotonin with the postsynaptic aperture, and thus, it helps to decrease the ejaculation setback by treating early ejaculation conditions.

Buy Poxet 30 mg Online in US and UK

After knowing about the Poxet medicines, you are highly willing to buy Poxet 30 mg online.

To purchase this drug, you have to reach our site at Cenforcepills.com, and then you are allowed to access your medicinal item like Poxet tablets.

Once you access our site, it will be easier to find the Poxet and order them easily.

It is very straightforward to quickly Buy Poxet tablets from an online store as our Poxet 30 Price is very reasonable and affordable to everyone.

The best thing is about our Poxet 30 mg Review that it will help you understand the entire process of the medicines. And we also guide you about the medicine intake plus buying process as well as many things and details about Poxet you will get to know from our site once you go through our review page.

The Poxet for sale is now activated so you can buy PE medicines for your sexual needs.


  • The medicine intake should be done thoroughly according to the prescription only.
  • Don’t eat any heavy-fat meals before and after the medicine consumption.
  • If you are feeling any health issues after taking this drug, then stop there and kindly consult a doctor immediately.
  • Seek emergency help if you have taken a double or repeated dose of medicines.
  • If a woman at your home has taken Poxet tablets, don’t delay a second contact with your doctors immediately as this medicine is supposed to take by men only.

Side Effects:

  • Drowsiness
  • Nausea
  • Tremors
  • Vomiting
  • Dizziness
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Fatigue
  • Headache

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much Of The Poxet 30 Mg to Be Used?

A single dose of Poxet tablet should be taken every day ask your doctor before taking this medication and know the proper details of the exact dose of the medicine that must be consumed daily.

How Long Should You Continue Using Poxet 30?

Continue the Poxet pills per day until your doctors tell you to stop. But maximum time to take this drug is around 17 to 24 months, but you should keep taking it unless physicians tell you to discontinue it.

What things to remember before and after taking Poxet 30 mg?

You should remember many things before and after taking Poxet tablets, like medicine should be consumed on time, without eating any piece of food, don’t extend more than a single dose of medicine, etc., that is all mentioned on precaution.


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