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Privacy policy

At our online portal, we have a clear and well-defined privacy policy which we encourage all our customers to check out and read. This will better make understand what rules have on our portal for providing you privacy and what are the guidelines and provisions for the customer. Check out the various sections on our privacy policy given below-

Collecting your information

We collect only information from the customer that is needed as a part of authenticating you so that you can carry out the transaction.

We do not intend on collecting any unwanted information from our customers to gather data about their privacy neither do we showcase or give your confidential and private information to any of our other dealers, vendors, and suppliers.

You have to accept our information collection policy to buy medicines from

Registering your email id

You don’t have to give register your email id with us neither it is mandatory on to create an account for purchasing medicines.

You have to clearly understand that we do not encourage you to provide your email id and subscribe to our email services.

We merely promote them to you but it is your decision whether to accept these services or not.

For example, if you subscribe to our email services by providing your email id then you can get the latest news on the best offers, latest medicine arrivals, and exclusive offers that may be ongoing on Cenforcepills.

Accepting our cookie policy

It is also up to the customer whether they want to accept our cookie policy. We provide you the option to accept our cookie policy where your basic data and information are saved on our servers.

This might be useful if you are a regular buyer of medicines on Cenforcepills. We know that it is surely frustrating to fill in the same information time and time again for executing each order and while giving any order.

Knowing safety features on our payment portal

We have full safety features on our payment portal. This is a highly advanced and secured payment portal that you find on our website for making the payment. We have ensured that each customer can ensure their maximum privacy while making the payment.

We thus allow you to make the portal without any worrying so that you feel safe. Each payment is executed using a peer-to-peer transfer process using a private network that is established at the two ends. Thus the customer can securely pay us while there is no phishing going on over the network.

Confirming the shipping address

You have to make sure that at the time of providing your address it is accurate with no mistakes in spelling and punctuation.

Remember that we will return your order if our delivery executive is not able to track your address. Of course o the day of your final dispatch from our local logistical unit you will be getting a message on your phone.

But anyway if you are not present at your home at the time of making the delivery then your order will be reshipped back due to the consignee not present or door locked reason.

Customs charges

For international orders, there can be a delay at the customs department which is beyond the control of our management and authority. For such delays, we cannot be held accountable in any way.

Remember that the customs department can demand charges for your package of medicines. In such cases, the customer must discuss the matter with the customs department and negotiate on the charges or pay them. We will not pay any customs department charges during the transit.

Canceling your order

You reserve the right to cancel your order at any time till the product is delivered to your doorstep. For canceling your order you can place the order through our website or our customer helpline number.