We have a clear and well-defined disclaimer policy for our customers. We have our terms and conditions based on what are the rights of the customer and what are their duties and obligations.

Here are some of the things that we ask our customers to bear full responsibility for as we do not have any liability in these things-

Buying medicines from Cenforcepills.com

We do not and in any way whatsoever influence any of our customers to buy medicines from cenforcepills. Yes as we are an online medicine selling company we are involved in the process of marketing our brand and the medicines.

We give various discounts and offers on our portal but this does not mean that are willingly asking you to buy medicines from our portal only.

Using medicines and getting fit

We are in no way also promoting that you can get fully cured after buying and using medicines from Cenforcepills.com. For this, we always ask you to take the confirmation of the doctor as there are so many brands and within each brand again there are so many doses.

It’s the buyer’s decision on which brand or dosage of medicines they end up buying from our portal. We although will always recommend you to follow your doctor’s prescription.

Occurrence of side effects and contradictions

Side effects and contradictions can happen to any patient if they are not using the medicines of the correct brand or dosage.

In case of any side effect severe or mild or any sort of contradiction with your other medicines or any other substance cannot be blamed to us.

Information on our product description page

The information that you find on our product description page has been assembled after checking out with the product information on the backside. It is there only to give a general idea. It is always better to stay under the touch of a supervisor during the entire treatment period to ensure that you are getting the right advice. In no way is the product description on our page to be taken as consulting or reference material.

Online payment methods

There are various payment methods for the convenience of our customers but all of them are online methods. We do not have any physical payment method means. If you are not using any of the online payment means that are given in the portal then you cannot buy medicines from our portal.

Even while paying it is us who will provide you a detailed confirmation once the payment has been credited in our books. If due to any connection error the payment is canceled or not processed we cannot be held liable.

Refund rules

Any refund and cancelation orders have to be made within 7 days of receiving the package. This time is inclusive of the holidays and no deviations are entertained. We will not be processing any refund orders if it’s already past seven days since you received the order.

We also reserve the final authority and say on deciding whether you accept your refund and cancellation order.

In the case of a refund, the customer has to provide us a valid bank account number along with other details as required. You have to be willing to share this or else we will not process your refund order.

Once we process the order we will send you a confirmation email about the same and then it is up to you to confirm and cooperate with the bank to credit the amount into your account.

Customs delays

We are in no way liable for delays at the customs department. We cannot ensure what will be the delay in delivery due to this as such factors are beyond our control.

Any charges demanded by the customs authorities have to be duly paid off by the customer. If the customer takes no action and then suddenly raises a refund request we will not be processing it.

You have to cancel the order within the due time and even then you might have to pay off the customs charges which vary. In anyways, we cannot be held liable for this.

Providing your shipping address

It is up to the customer to ensure that the shipping address is being provided correctly. If our delivery agent is not able to race your address then this will result in a return of your package to our logistical counter.