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Site guide

Our website is intended for the customers thus we have come out with a highly unique and user-friendly interface that allows customers to easily search for any medicines on and place an order.

When you come to our website you will find various tabs right at the top of pages such as about us, products, services, contact us, and other tabs.

We ask our customers to go through the site guide at a glance to know how to go about your task that could be searching medicines, brands, doses, or even placing an order right away.

Searching for medicines on

Well, most customers will want to do one thing when they come to And that is to check out the medicines on Cenforcepills. You have got two means to do this as is given below-

Use our integrated search engine

You can use our advanced search engine to search your brand of medicine and dose right away. The search engine on our website is highly optimized to find out any products based on repeated customer searches. Our back-end team is responsible for updating the latest arrivals to the search engine database so that you can get your medicines by typing on the search bar in seconds.

Use segmented product category

If you wish to scroll and navigate through our websites and find out how we have categorized medicines then you have to check out our products tab.

With this tab, you will find all types of medicines which are based alphabetically based on the disorders.

Within each disorder, you will get a drop-down menu to get to know about all the medicines that we have. To gather more information you can even click on any specific disorder type and then you will get to a page where we have all the medicines for that disorder listed.

You can even click on any specific medicine either in the drop sub-drop-down menu or on the products page to get a full page of the detailed product description.

How to check out the details about any product?

Just mentioned above all you have to do is click on any of the individual medicine or product category and then you will be navigated to a page where you will find complete product information.

You can check out the prices, the dose you need and get a wide knowledge of the medicine such as how to use it when to use it, possible side effects, contradictions, precautions, warnings, etc.

How do you place an order on Cenforcepills?

To place an order is very easy. All you got to do is click on any product or medicine type that you want to buy. Here you can easily check out the prices and the initial discounts that we are offering you. You will then find the dosage drop-down menu which you can select as per the specific dosage that you want to buy.

Then all you got to do is place an order and click on the add tab to add the number of sachets, or bottles or pouches, or boxes that you want to buy.