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Cancellation policy

We encourage all our customers buying medicines on to come and check out the cancellation policy as is given here. We try and give maximum freedom to the customer keeping in view our rights and obligations that also need to be fulfilled.

Ultimately if you have a clear idea of the Cancellation policy on Cenforcepills you can easily avoid misconceptions, and disputes later on.

Canceling your order

So here we give you some basic idea on how you can cancel your order and what happens immediately after you cancel your order and some other important stuff which is important to go through once.

How can you do it?

So the first thing is that you are dissatisfied with something and you want to cancel your order. It’s okay as we allow you to cancel your order normally on all occasions for any reason.

You can place your cancellation order any time as you may wish until you have received your package at your doorstep.

Placing a cancellation order through phone

You can call our customer helpline number to place your cancellation request.

Placing a cancellation order online

You can place the cancellation order yourself by visiting our online portal and then visiting the cancellation tab and then following the steps.

What happens after you cancel your order?

Immediately when you cancel the ore you receive a fully acknowledged email from us stating all the details mentioned such as cancellation bill number, the reason for Cancellation as mentioned by you, final refund amount after deducting all the charges, and expected time for a refund.

Till when can you cancel your order?

You reserve the right to cancel your order at any time till you receive your package. Even after you have received your package you can cancel your order but there are different norms for this which we will mention to you below.

What are the reasons allowed for canceling your order?

The possible reasons from the customer behalf can be-

  • Delay in delivery
  • Unsatisfied with service
  • Medicines not needed anymore
  • Higher cost
  • Already bought medicines from somewhere else
  • Wrong brand or dose of medicines ordered by mistake
  • Wrong address mentioned
  • Shifting of address

How is the refund paid back to the customer?

The refund amount will be credited to the customer only via online transfer to a valid account as mentioned by the customer. We do not pay back through cash or any other means of payment. Also, you cannot hold us liable for this.

What are the obligations for the customer?

The customer has certain obligations and any mistake here and we will not be liable for this. These include-

Ensuring that the bank account number and other details are correct

Finding out whether the account has been credited or not

Ensuring that your account is not dormant and does not have a third-party credit facility available.

Remember that once we complete the online transfer you will receive a message from our end and then you must check-up with the bank.

Till when can you expect the refund to be credited to your account?

We do not give any guarantee regarding this buy any CAD-enabled bank should be able to process the refund amount and credit the same to the beneficiary account within 7 working days.

What are the charges deducted?

Remember that in your refund amount the taxes paid are not paid back. Also, you will be levied cancellation charges on the amount to be refunded plus any other charges.

After subtracting them only the leftover money is refunded back to the customer.

Can you cancel your order after you have received your package?

Of course, you can cancel your order even after you have received your package from us. But there are also some guidelines specified in this.

First of all, is the time limit is the 7 days only within which you have to make the cancellation order. This also includes holidays if any other emergency and exigency situations. We will not entertain any cancellation orders in such cases after the eighth day.

What are the guidelines under such circumstances?

As such, there are very few changes. You need to place the cancellation order in the same way as you did before. Here also we will be deducting all applicable charges such as cancellation charges, taxes not refunded, etc.