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Drug policy

We have a well-defined and clear-cut drug policy for our customers on We encourage all our customers to check out our drug policy before buying medicines from our portal.

We sell all types of medicines from such as various prescription drugs, OTC drugs, and generic drugs. We are one of the best places to source medicines at lower prices and good discounts.

Here are some things about the drug policy that can come in useful for your understanding-

Sourcing our drugs

All the drugs that you see on CenforcePills are sourced from pharma companies. We are registered buyers of the pharma companies that source medicines directly from the manufacturer themselves.

We are an authentic portal having valid registration numbers and licenses that make us affiliated partners of the pharma companies and thus we buy from them.

Determining the prices of our drugs

The prices on CenforcePills are determined based on a lot of factors. We do not influence the pricing factor of the medicines. We sell the drugs within the maximum retail prices which are clearly labeled on the medicine sachets, pouches, and covers.

But we do offer discounts on this price. This is based on the availability of the medicines, the prices at which we sourced the medicines from the companies, and the existing demand for the medicines at CenforcePills .

Can the discounts vary?

Of course, the discounts can vary over time. You have to keep an eye on the discounts and offers that you can get from CenforcePills.

We have various listed and time-framed orders that are only valid for a specific time frame. Usually, the last date for availing of each offer that you see is given in the product description or on the offers page.

Even you can get to see the detailed version o[n how to avail of the offer.

Remember that we give exclusive offers based on the availability of the medicines as determined by our management.

We have various types of offers such as special one-time offers for the customers who are buying for the first time on CenforcePills, month-end offers, weekend offers, one-day exclusive deals that only last for a day, and also other offers as and when we find it right.

You can also get various payment offers when you are paying us using some preferred mode of payment as mentioned in the specific offer.

We provide a 100% guarantee of the quality of the medicines

We can give you a 100% guarantee that the medicines that you buy from our portal are safe for use, not any counterfeit brand, and having the same formulations and ingredients as you will find any other authentic medicines that are manufactured by the original pharma company.

We don’t give any guarantee of your well-being using our medicines

But what we don’t give you any guarantee upon is you getting fit on using medicines after purchasing them from CenforcePills. We are of course involved in marketing and promoting our online brand but we are in no way forcing you to buy medicines from our portal.

It is up to the customer to decide on whether they want to buy medicines from the best portal that is offering the highest discounts and offers or to leave and find other ones.

We don’t provide any guarantee on any side effects

We also do not give you any guarantee that you will not suffer from any side effects and contradictions on buying medicines from our portal.

We always encourage you to visit a doctor and take their valuable suggestions before randomly choosing any brand or dosage of pills.

How do we care for our medicines?

We have a special group of medical experts who are assigned with the task of ensuring that each of our logistical agencies and cold storage for storing the medicines in bulk while on their transit is safely kept ensuring all the industry standards and that the ambient conditions are maintained.

Each of our logistical centers is highly advanced with highly technologically equipped for keeping the medicine formulations in the right way.

This group of experts will usually visit and do random checks on the medicine samples to ensure that the chemical formulations are not changing in any way. And the other factors such as the expiry of the medicines are also checked upon.