Climax Spray (Lidocaine)

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Premature Ejaculation


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Climax Spray (Lidocaine) - 12g

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What is Climax spray?

Climax Spray helps your penis to get harder and makes it stand for longer duration and this spray is mainly designed for those persons or men who are suffering from maintaining erection properly.

The spray is mainly created to hold-up your proper Premature Ejaculation and Erectile Dysfunction maintains lasting erection in the men so, that men can always rock on the bed with partner and have a long lasting sex and this spray fully satisfy both men and women.

Climax Spray is a type of an aerosol spray that increases sexual stamina in the men by making penis hard and lasting one.

The spray helps to lower glans sensitivity and it leads to enjoy sex life amazingly and both men and women can enjoy with each other.

The spray works fast and effectively to maintain erection in the men and give a complete sexual restoration along with, this spray should be used by women and keep it away from children.

The men who have problem with non-maintainable erection, Premature Ejaculation and cannot make their penis firmer or harder in order for sex, so This Spray is the best options to help every man get proper erection with ease.

Climax Spray Info

Uses Of The Climax spray

Buy Climax Spray is especially made for males and this spray is very effective to continue the sexual activity in men with their partners.

Men have to deal with various sexual problems and keeping such points in mind the This Spray is made for them so, they can easily able to maintain the erection and get very thicker penis after using it.

However, the spray also helps control over delayed premature ejaculation. this spray helps to make penis erect for long duration and buy it now.


If you are ready to take Climax Spray then, you should use this spray two to three times at a time.

The spray should be taken before 30 minutes of making physical relationship with your partner. Only two sprays are enough to use and do not continue spray more than two times.


The persons who are suffering from any kind of allergy problem they should avoid Spray.

Do not use this spray to your mouth and eyes or mouth that may badly affect issues.

If there is any kidney or liver diseases you have then do not use this spray.

You should go through full instruction before you apply the spray.

Do not apply the spray to your wounded or cut marks.

The spray is only available for your external use.

Also, the spray should keep reach out of the children

Check expiry date of spray before apply

Benefits Of Climax

The Climax Spray is available for external use and only men can use this spray to maintain the erection.

This spray should be applied on penis to make it firmer and harder to enjoy the sex life with the partners.

When you start using this spray then remember it should be used only on that part where it is prescribed by your doctor and the spray is directly used penis glans only.

Side Effects

There are a few side effects of This Spray like:

  • Rashes
  • Itches
  • Redness
  • Skin inflammation
  • Skin irritation

Buy Climax spray Online in US and UK

To buy the This Spray, you have access a portal and there are many places where you can buy this Climax Spray online in US and UK market.

Once you Buy Climax Spray Online so, you will get in genuine rate and now you have a wider option to purchase This Spray at reasonable prices. Simply, visit a site that sells This Spray and buy at very cost-effective rate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1) What happens if you use too much Climax spray?

In general, if you use too much Climax Spray so, it might have side effects like redness or irritation then you should contact your physician immediately for better recommendation.

Q.2) What if you forget to use Climax spray?

In case, you forget to use Climax Spray so might you care unable to maintain proper erection during sexual intercourse. You should contact your doctor immediately.

Q.3) How Does Climax spray Work?

However, when you use Climax Spray that helps to control over Premature Ejaculation in the men.

Even though, the spray is used to apply on penis glans that can help to maintain proper erection in the males and this spray is directly used on penis glans to make penis harder and make lasting sexual activity with your partner.

Q.4) How to use Climax spray?

Climax Spray is applied two times on your penis and you should use 30 minutes before of doing sexual activity with the partner to get long-lasting and longer duration erection as well.

Q.5) What Are The Common Drug Interactions

There are some common drug interaction of using Climax Spray and that if you have Hypersensitivity, Glaucoma and other health issues then avoid using this spray and the spray is not recommended to women and children for usage.


All above mentioned statements about Climax Spray is true and the This Spray is the best option for men to maintain erection, Premature Ejaculation.

The spray is very helpful to provide full enjoyment of sex and after using this spray the men can come back in complete mood and they are able to make sex with his partner anytime when they desire.

Whenever you use the spray then make sure you need to get proper sex mood and the spray helps to rock or harder the penis that results to have a better sex performance in the bed with partner.

It is best time for every man to visit online and Buy Climax spray that is available at cost-effective price. Everyone can order for this spray and it is available most of online stores in US and UK platforms. However, without any delay, buy this spray now at very reasonable prices.

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