Bluemen 100 Mg (Sildenafil Citrate)

Active Ingredient (Generic Name):

Sildenafil Citrate


Erectile Dysfunction


RSM Enterprises


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Bluemen 100 Mg (Sildenafil Citrate) - 100mg

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What is bluemen 100mg?

Bluemen 100 has sildenafil citrate which helps in improving the health issue related to erectile dysfunction in men.

It manages the sensual situation when the lacking capability in men creates the problem of weaker erection.

This medicine helps in improving overall organ function in men’s body and manage the flow of blood in the penis which help in a better erection.

Bluemen 100 Mg Info

Who is the manufacturer of bluemen 100mg?

The bluemen 100 is manufactured by one of the leading and reputed pharmaceutical company RSM enterprises.

They are manufacturing these medicines for years and supplying them in the market. They produce a quality product for their customer and keeps stock in bulk.

They have authorized sellers of this medicine and hence gain trust from the users. Apart from bluemen 100 they also manufacture other products that help in well being of the people and helps them to remain fit and fine.

Uses of bluemen 100 mg

This medicine helps in sustaining erection effectively in men. It helps in promoting erectile exercise by efficiently offering intense pleasure.

Sildenafil citrate present in it improves penile functioning and offers a positive outcome of using this medicine.

Dosage of bluemen 100mg

Missed dose

In case you have forgotten to take your dose of bluemen 100mg take it as soon as possible, but avoid taking it if the next scheduled time of the next dose is almost near.

In case if you take the missed dose and the next dose at the same time just one after another it becomes the case of a double dose.

Hence avoid taking the missed dose with the next scheduled dose and contact your doctor and seek advice from them.


In case of an overdose immediately meet with your doctor and make them aware of the number of doses you have taken. Overdose may show some side effects like dizziness, difficulty in breathing, a stuffy nose, and more. In such a situation immediately contact your doctor to manage your dose as per their guidance.


Driving and using machines- bluemen 100mg creates the issues of dizziness hence it creates a problem at the time of driving. Hence don’t take the medicine if you have to drive and need to use machines.

Alcohol– consumption of alcohol minimize the erection in men. Medicine may not work properly if you consume alcohol on a regular basis. Hence, avoid taking alcohol if you are using this medicine.

Kidney– if the person had some kidney-related issues or also currently suffering from kidney problems, in such a situation take medicine after consulting with the doctor.

Liver– advisable not to take blue man 100mg if you are suffering from any liver-related disease in case of emergency contact your doctor and as per their prescription take the medicine.

Allergies– if you have any type of allergy from sildenafil citrate or any other ingredients present in bluemen 100mg avoid taking this medicine or take it after consulting the doctor.

Heart disease– avoid taking this medicine if you are suffering from any type of heart disease. In case of emergency contact, your doctor takes the medicine accordingly.

Strength of bluemen 100

The strength of bluemen 100 is 100 mg.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the side effects of bluemen 100 mg?

Every medicine shows side effects In a different way according to the body of the person.

The consumption of bluemen shows many side effects after taking the pills such as chest pain, Change in vision, sweating, difficulty in breathing, tinnitus, abrupt hearing loss, irregular heartbeat, swelling in the body, flushing, dizziness, abnormal vision, Sleep issues, stuffy nose, etc. In case of some serious issues occurs due to side effect contact with you doctor and take consultant services.

What happens if you take too much bluemen 100mg?

In the case of eating too much or overdose on bluemenh100 mg pills immediately contact your doctor as the consumption of this medicine too much causes the problem of priapism, dizziness, indigestion, headache, and many more health problems.

Taking too much dose reacts to the body badly and creates lots of health issues. Hence take this medicine with caution and avoid taking too much dose of it.

How to take bluemen 100 mg?

Take this medicine with a glass of water. Always keep in mind that this medicine should be swallowed with water. Don’t chew it.

Consume this medicine with or without having your meal but it’s preferable to take this medicine after eating your meal. Try to eat this drug after fix time interval as prescribed by the doctors.

What is the common drug interaction?

Every medicine interacts differently when they interact or come in contact with other medicine. If you are suffering from another disease and making pills for that disease also.

Once contact your doctor and consult with them about the ingredients present in their existing medicine and the in bluemen 100 mg. According to the suggestion of the doctor start taking bluemen 100 with your running medicines.

Why buy 100mg from us?

By buying medicine from pharmacies stores online you will get good quality and original products. Apart from that nowadays, it has become very convenient for medicine online as they will provide you at your doorsteps.

They don’t charge additional costs and offer you medicine at a reasonable rate. Apart from that sometimes they give offers and discounts to their customers.

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