Bambudil (Bambuterol)

Active Ingredient (Generic Name) Bambuterol
Indication Asthma, Chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD)
Manufacturer Cipla Limited
Packaging 10 tablets in 1 strip
Strength 10mg
Delivery Time 6 To 15 days
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Bambudil (Bambuterol) - 10mg

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Bambudil makes a useful bronchodilator medication for relieving the signs of asthma.

Also, symptoms arise like wheezing, coughing, breathing difficulties, chest tightness, and breathlessness.

Moreover, all these symptoms have a link with asthma.

Besides, physicians prescribe Bambudil medicine alone or advise using it in common with other remedies.

Furthermore, alone Bambudil or combination medicines make a prescription for the usual management of asthma and various other breathing issues.

Additionally, Bambudil pills are not a prescription for patients who are fighting the severe onslaught of asthma.

Hence, purchasing Bambudil tablets online needs a dependable seller.

Also, a user of Bambudil better contacts online Arrowmeds for the purchase of Bambudil tablets.

Besides, patients will get cost-effective rates alongside deals and offers.

About Bambudil Tablets

Bambudil pills constitute respiratory medicine.

Plus, it is chiefly for curing and preventing asthma as well as COPD or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Additionally, the drug alleviates bronchitis which comes up as inflammation of the bronchial tube lining.

Furthermore, asthma makes a chronic long-lasting respiratory ailment.

Besides, in this condition, your airways become narrow, puff up, and create more mucus.

Moreover, this gives rise to trouble breathing.

Also, COPD comes under a variety of ailments that bring on obstructed airflow from a patient’s lungs.

Plus, Bambudil pills carry Bambuterol which falls under the category of drugs famous as bronchodilators.

Additionally, this forms a long-working beta-agonist that unwinds the muscles of the airway and amplifies airflow toward your lungs.

Furthermore, Bambudil pills render breathing trouble-free by expanding your lung airways.

Besides, this prescription assists to foil asthma attacks in grown-ups.

Also, maybe you are eating Bambudil pills for managing asthma.

Then you better eat it alongside an inhaled steroid remedy for controlling continuing asthma.


Bambudil helps to heal bronchospasm.

Also, this medication is useful alone or in common with other remedies for stopping and treating bronchospasm in asthma patients.

Besides, this pill treats asthma and various other airway-linked issues.

Moreover, the signs of bronchospasm can take in coughing, tightness, chest pain, trouble breathing, feeling exhausted, or fatigue.


Bambudil remedy is a family member of beta 2 adrenoreceptor agonist medications that act against beta 2 adrenoreceptors.

Plus, beta 2 receptors are existing in your bronchial muscles and lead to bronchodilation.

Furthermore, this takes place as a consequence of augmented cyclic AMP levels.

Additionally, the prime use of Bambudil pills is for the management of asthma.

Bambudil pills dilate the air passages inside the lungs so that your lungs can draw in the air with more ease.

Also, for patients fighting asthma, Bambudil aids to ease signs that appear due to asthma.

Moreover, the symptoms are breathlessness, wheezing, and coughing mainly during the night.

The consumption method

Before you begin the Bambudil drug regime, read the leaflet inside the carton carefully.

Besides, this can proffer you with extra information regarding Bambudil.

Also, the leaflet can offer you a whole host of reactions and side effects you can undergo while eating it.

Moreover, a user should eat 1 pill before bedtime.

Plus, a patient should use freshwater with this drug.

Furthermore, a sufferer needs to consume Bambudil pills accurately according to the physician’s recommendations.

Additionally, a user can ingest Bambudil pills with diet or without meals.


Bambudil pills must have ingestion as per your GPs instructions.

Furthermore, they will advise you duration and the dose of the medicine.

Plus, the strength of the medication is 10mg.

Additionally, you can consume Bambudil pills of 10mg strength without diet or alongside diet.

Besides, it is better to eat the pill at a fixed time every day to avoid the possibility of missing a dose.

Nevertheless, doctors recommend eating the pill prior to bedtime with fresh water.

Missed dose

In case you do not remember eating Bambudil pills, use them whenever you remember.

Moreover, maybe it is close to the time for your next pill.

Then consume the daily scheduled dose instead.

Besides, you cannot use two tablets in unison to compensate for a skipped tablet.


In case you, perchance, eat Bambudil pills in excess quantity, call your GP fast or any nearby medical aid.

Plus, an overdose of the pill can commence harmful effects that require quick medical care.

Additionally, the side effects can start as palpitations, tremors, and nervousness.


Many remedies are not appropriate for persons fighting some conditions.

However, sometimes medication can only be a prescription if doctors administer it with extra care.

Regarding these factors, prior to beginning to use Bambudil pills it is unavoidable to let your GP know about some conditions.

Also, in case you are dealing with an overactive thyroid gland issue, tell your GP.

Besides, if a person is fighting blood vessel issues or heart ailment, see a physician.

Moreover, if you are ill with an irregular heart rhythm or you are fighting high blood pressure, notify your doctor.

Plus, in case your sugar levels are higher than normal, inform your physician.

Maybe your GP tells you you are ailing with low potassium levels in the blood. Then speak to a doctor.

Additionally, you tell your physician if you are expecting a child or breastfeeding, or trying to become pregnant.

Furthermore, this is so because, during your pregnancy, you must have a well-inhaling capacity for safety.

Maybe you are facing problems with your liver function or your kidneys are not doing well.

Then speak to your physician.

Perhaps, you have an allergy to a medication, tell your GP.

Besides, you better tell your doctor in case you are using other inhalers or any over-the-counter remedy.

Side effects

The side effects begin as surplus levels of blood sugar, vomiting, unsettled stomach, anxiety, sleep disturbances, cramps & muscle spasms.

Plus, restlessness, excessive thirst, headache, trembling & shaking of your feet and arms, irregular heart rhythm, and weakness started.

Additionally, muscle pain, fainting, dizziness, trouble with breathing, acute hives, skin rashes, and swelling on various body parts begin.


The interactions trigger moxifloxacin, labetalol, carvedilol, clozapine, furosemide, propanolol, and prednisolone.

Also, beta-blocker remedies which are crucial in glaucoma and hypertension begin interaction.

Besides, aminophylline, theophylline for breathing issues, diuretics, corticosteroids, and steroid remedies interact.


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