Wysolone 10mg (Prednisolone)

Active Ingredient (Generic Name) Prednisolone
Indication Severe allergic reactions, Allergy symptoms, Asthma
Manufacturer Wyeth Pfizer Ltd
Packaging 15 tablet DT in 1 strip
Strength 10mg
Delivery Time 6 To 15 days
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Wysolone 10mg (Prednisolone) - 10mg

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What is Wysolone 10mg?

Wysolone 10mg tablet is a drug that is used for curing various problems mostly inflammation in the body due to various sorts of allergies.

It is a drug that needs to be taken after having a proper meal only to avoid any upset in your stomach.

It does so by suppressing the immune system in our body.

For better results, it is always beneficial to take this dose only for the time being as recommended by a doctor.

Who is Manufactures Wysolone 10mg

The manufacturer of Wysolone 10mg is Pfizer Ltd. the American drug manufacturing behemoth.

You may even hear of the company name as it is one of the most reputed and well-known pharma companies not only in the US but also in the rest of the world.

It is well known for its various types of drug formulations such as generic pills, prescription pills, and OTC pills.

What Are The Uses Of Wysolone 10mg?

Wysolone 20mg which is a form of steroid has many functions that are briefly described below-

Used in the treatment of various allergic reactions, asthma cures, rheumatic disorders, various types of skin inflammation and rashes, eye disorders, and nephrotic syndrome.

The action of allergic reactions is done by suppressing the immune system.

Remember that the use of the pills needs a doctor’s supervision for better results.

Dosage Of Wysolone 10mg

The chief ingredient in Wysolone is Prednisone which works as an immune blocker.

The dose contains 10 mg of this salt which is also the generic name for the medicines.

Remember that apart from this dose there are other doses too.

Not adhering to the doctor’s prescription is like to cause many problems as it works as an immune blocker.

Remember that the medicine will suppress the effects of the normal working of the immune system for the time being till you are taking the dose regularly.

This can make you prone to some diseases such as the common cold and flu especially.


Overdosing is something that we say should be one of the top priorities to avoid.

Overdosing with generic Prednisone can be dangerous and cause many side effects. make sure to avoid any excess dose. Even the 10 mg of dose for generic Prednisone can be non-tolerable to some patients who are not capable to cope with the dose.

For them, it would be better to look at smaller doses or alternatives.

Missed Dose

Missing your dose o[n the other hand will have effects exactly opposite to that of overdosing.

Remember that missing out on a daily dose of the drug can cause less than determined effects.

The daily dose is recommended by the doctor to have a constant level of generic Prednisone within your body to cure the problem of allergic tendencies.

But discontinuity can cause problems and delay your time for a cure.


Two of the most generic precautions are avoiding an overdose because it can result in side effects and avoiding taking any contradictory substance with generic Prednisone that can also result in side effects.

Side effects

The side effects of the drug can be minimized only when you take note of the precautions mentioned in this article.

The general side effects of the drug include-

  • Bone density reduction
  • Upset stomach
  • Changes in mood and behavior
  • Weight gain

Remember, any side effect cropping up needs to be notified to the doctor at the earliest. Don’t keep taking your dose until you take a further recommendation from the doctor.

Where to buy Wysolone 10mg online?

You can check out the various online websites to buy Wysolone 10mg. You got to compare prices and discounts and then work out which portal or website should be affordable for long-term medicine ordering.

There are some other critical parameters to know about too such as the delivery time, whether home delivery is available or not, shipping and courier charges, cancellation policies and refund rules, and payment options.

How Does Wysolone 10mg Work?

Wysolone 5mg containing generic Prednisone can work by preventing certain chemical messengers from secreting and thus allow the inflammations to decrease over time. The chemical messengers blocked off also halt the normal functioning of the immune system in our body to a certain extent.

How to Take Wysolone 10mg?

To take the Wysolone 10mg is simple. Remember we told you earlier that taking this drug on an empty stomach can cause an upset of the stomach which better be avoided.

You should have some form of meal such as breakfast or lunch before taking your daily pill of Wysolone 10 mg.

As far as the intake method is concerned, you have to swallow a pill down your throat. The pill needs to be swallowed whole and for this only water needs to be used.

What Are The Common Drug Interactions

Some common drug interactions are to be wary of for any patient intending to go about a long-term cure with Wysolone 10mg Online.

You should better visit a doctor with all your existing medication samples for the doctor to clarify and examine the same in detail.

Some antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral pills and immune blockers along with a few other specific brands containing the same generic substance that is generic Prednisone can be triggering side effects by way of contradictions.


Take a dose as indicated by the doctor only to avoid any side effects and contradictions.

Storage conditions

Storing your medicines is also an important priority which most of you don’t by the way along with purchasing.

Not keeping the Wysolone 10mg pills under ambient conditions can cause its benefits to subside and you may find the medicine to be useless.

Check out that you are ensuring the right conditions temperature and humidity avoiding sunlight.

Why Buy Wysolone 10mg From Us?

We provide you with the best quality of Wysolone 10mg pills on our portal. Thus you can rest assured of using the pills without any issues with quality and standards.

The second is on our portal you get the best offers, doorstep delivery, and lower shipping charges.

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