Omnacortil 30mg (Prednisolone)

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Severe allergic reactions, Allergy symptoms, Asthma


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What is Omnacortil 30mg?

Omnacortil 30mg is used to treat several skin allergies including arthritis, lupus, breathing disorders, psoriasis, etc. Corticosteroid which is the alternate name of this medicine works by releasing certain substances into the body that can keep a person from getting inflammation. Omnacortil 30 mg should not be taken if you are allergic to any of the components present in this drug. Patients with fungal infections should completely avoid taking this drug.

Who is Manufactures Omnacortil 30 mg

Macleods Pharmaceuticals are the manufacturer of Omnacortil 30mg. This drug can treat multiple skin conditions. This drug should not proceed until you tell your doctor about your medical history. In the case of:

Thyroid Issues


Disorder of the muscle

The problem in the heart


Kidney Disorder


What Are The Uses Of Omnacortil 30mg?

Buy Omnacortil 30mg can treat skin allergies. It is also used to treat pain and inflammation that occurs in different body parts including arthritis. Psoriasis is also treated using the same medicine Omnacortil 30 mg.

Dosage Of Omnacortil 30mg

Omnacortil 30mg should be strict as per the instructions given by the doctor. The dosage given by the doctor for Omnacortil 30mg should be followed. Changes in the dosage of this medicine should be addressed to the doctor. The doctor can start with a small dosage of this medicine which can increase according to how your body responds to it.

Available Other Strengths OF Omnacortil

Different strengths of Omnacortil available in the market are listed below:

Omnacortil 2.5 mg

Omnacortil 5 mg

Omnacortil 10 mg

Omnacortil 20 mg

Omnacortil 30 mg

Taking the dosage that a doctor prescribes is always the safest as it is a calculated dose from the doctor. The steroids present in this drug tend to harm an unborn child and that is why women who are pregnant should consult a doctor before taking this medicine and in some cases can also avoid taking this drug altogether.


If you take more than what a doctor prescribes, you are likely to have some mental disorders, irregular heartbeats, depression, hallucinations, etc. If these conditions grow stronger, it is best to consult a doctor for help.

Missed Dose

A missed dose once remembered should be taken right away or not at all.

If the time for the next dosage is nearby, the dosage can also be skipped altogether

Taking a dosage more than required is fatal and can lead to side effects


The following precautions need to be kept in mind before proceeding with Omnacortil 30 mg:

Omnacortil 30mg Online can make a person vulnerable to certain infections and that is why if you are someone suffering from chicken pox, measles, or any other kind of fungal infection, you must stop using this drug at all

If you have any mood swings, such as suicidal thoughts, etc.

If you have developed any kind of skin allergies.

If you experience any change in the sight

If you are old with heart problems

If you have kidney disease

This drug can affect women’s fertility.

This drug can also cause the swelling

Steroids can affect the growth pattern of a person and that is why children must avoid this medicine at all costs

Side effects

Following are the side effects that a patient experiences while taking Omnacortil 30 mg:

  • Feeling angry
  • Anxiety
  • Confusion
  • Fatigue
  • Bloating
  • Weight Gain
  • Mood Swings
  • Irritation
  • Infections
  • Weakness


Omnacortil 30mg is a steroid medicine that contains prednisolone known to cure different kinds of allergic reactions on the skin. You should take this drug if you have:




Breathing Disorder

What happens if you take too much Omnacortil 30mg?

Taking too much Omnacortil 30 mg can have side effects associated with it. Some side effects do not need a doctor to fix them and usually disappear after a while. These side effects should be looked into if they exist for a longer period. Overdosing on Omnacortil 30mg Pills can have below listed side effects

The gain in the Weight

Reduced bone density

Change in the mood

Upset Stomach

Changed behavior

How Does Omnacortil 30mg Work?

Buy Omnacortil 30 mg Online contains prednisolone which is a naturally occurring steroid produced in the human body. This steroid is known to keep the body functioning right. This steroid works by suppressing the immune response to various allergies. The prevention of inflammation in turn saves people from allergies

How to Take Omnacortil 30mg?

To prevent your stomach from getting upset, you must take this medicine with food.

This drug is an oral drug

It is consumed with a glass of water

Storage conditions

Omnacortil 30mg needs to be stored below 25 degrees celsius

It should be kept packet to prevent outside moisture

It should be kept away from kids below the age of 18 unless the doctor prescribes it to them

Drug Interactions

Taking this drug with any other vaccine must be avoided as it can reduce the effectiveness of this drug

Taking this medicine along with the antibiotics can affect the effectiveness of this medicine

If you are someone who takes this drug to cure fits, a higher dosage of this medicine must be taken

This drug should be avoided with other antifungal medicines such as ketoconazole, Ethinyl estradiol, etc

Stomach bleeding can occur if you take this medicine along with other painkillers such as aspirin

Anti-diabetic medicines also interact with this medicine and have side effects such as blood clotting

Omnacortil 30mg can inhibit growth in a person as this drug is a steroid

If you take drugs that treat asthma, then the interaction of that drug with this medicine can cause higher levels of potassium in the body.

You should avoid taking this drug along with the grape juice

Why Buy Omnacortil 30mg From Us?

Omnacortil 30mg Tablets should be purchased from us as we ensure this drug is available online which makes it deliverable all over the world.

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