Eriacta 100 Mg

Eriacta 100 Mg (Sildenafil Citrate)

Active Ingredient (Generic Name) Sildenafil Citrate
Indication Erectile Dysfunction
Manufacturer Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd
Packaging 4 Tablets in Strip
Strength 100mg
Delivery Time 6 To 15 days
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Eriacta 100 Mg (Sildenafil Citrate) - 100mg

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What is Eriacta 100?

The pills of Eriacta 100 make a prescription remedy.

Also, this medication has excellent use in curbing ED or erectile dysfunction in guys.

Besides, it is a member of phosphodiesterase type-5-inhibitor medicines.

Moreover, the medicine acts by boosting blood volume towards your component.

Plus, Eriacta 100mg aids a guy to attain and sustain an erection hard enough for penetration.

Who is Manufactures Eriacta 100

The maker of Eriacta 100 mg in India is Sun Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Eriacta 100 Mg Info

What Are The Uses Of The Eriacta 100mg?

Eriacta 100mg has two-fold advantages for patients.

On one hand, Eriacta 100 targets the glitch of ED.

On the other hand, the pills of Eriacta 100 affect positively pulmonary arterial hypertension.

Plus, in curing ED, the pills of Eriacta 100 mg augment blood volume towards the private parts of a male.

Additionally, the drug infuses the phallus with an enormous blood supply.

Furthermore, after stuffing the penile erectile tissue with fresh blood, your phallus becomes hard and ready for penetration.

Also, for healing pulmonary arterial hypertension, this pill soothes the smooth muscles in the lungs.

Besides, the medicine makes better the exercising capability of the drug users.

Dosage Of Eriacta 100

A user can gulp down Eriacta 100mg pills with a meal or when his stomach is empty.

Also, the drug intake necessitates strict administration as recommended by the GP.

Besides, a patient must eat Eriacta 100 nearly one hour ahead of planning sexual nearness.

Moreover, the measure of time the pill uses up to commence work differs from guy to guy.

However, it generally consumes half an hour to 1 hour.

Plus, this remedy will only assist you to acquire an erection if you experience a sensual goad.

However, a patient must not devour this tablet in case he is not a victim of ED malfunction.

Additionally, you must eat merely one pill a day.

Available Other Strengths OF Eriacta

The other strengths of Eriacta are 200/150/120/100/50/25 milligrams.


Possibly you consume this pill and by chance take it in excess amounts.

Then you need to confer with the doc immediately for avoiding the occurrence of side effects.

Also, overdose breaks side effects like headache, vision loss, dizziness, hearing loss, Priapism etc.

Missed Dose

You can use missed dose anytime you desire.

However, the use of a forgotten pill is not advisable if the time for your daily scheduled moiety is coming close.

Plus, in that case, use merely your everyday programmed pill.

Additionally, eating two pills at a time for catching up with skipped pill can be dangerous.


It is wise to speak to your doc before using this pill and discuss things.

Also, if the doctor has told you not to participate in sexual activity on health grounds, stop it.

Besides, maybe you are dealing with structural deformation of your phallus like Peyronie’s disease.

Then avoid Eriacta 100mg pill.

Perhaps you are fighting a blood cell problem like leukemia, multiple myeloma, or sickle cell Anaemia, tell the doc.

Moreover, in case of liver ailment, pulmonary Veno-occlusive disease, kidney issue, a stomach ulcer, bleeding issues, consult a physician.

Plus, maybe you have blindness in one eye or both eyes, blood circulation issues, Retinitis Pigmentosa, see a doc.

Additionally, if you have high blood pressure, NAION, low blood pressure, talk to a physician.

Furthermore, heart issues like heart attack, a heartbeat rate issue, chest pain need a doctor.

Side effects

  • Eriacta 100 pills break side effects like upset stomach, back pain, runny nose, muscle pain, stuffy nose, and insomnia.
  • Plus, blurred vision, nosebleed, color vision changes, dizziness, abnormal vision, headache, flushing, lightheadedness, tingly feeling, redness, seizure, and warmth start.
  • Additionally, swelling of hand-feet-ankle, irregular heart rhythm, abrupt hearing loss, and coughs accompanying foamy mucus begin.
  • Furthermore, tinnitus, a continuing erection for above four hours, abrupt vision loss, sweating, and nausea occur.
  • Also, pain involving the jaw or your shoulder, chest pain, severe shortness of your breath, and pressure on the chest take place.

What happens if you take too much Eriacta 100mg?

  • Possibly you consume this pill and by chance take it in excess amounts.
  • Then you need to confer with the doc immediately for avoiding the occurrence of side effects.
  • Also, overdose breaks side effects like headache, vision loss, dizziness, hearing loss, Priapism etc.

How Does Eriacta 100 Work?

  • The tablets of Eriacta 100 mg are phosphodiesterase type-5- inhibitor.
  • Plus, this substance in the pills of Eriacta 100 mg represses the PDE5 enzyme.
  • Thereby, the amounts of cyclic GMP rise in the phallus.
  • Additionally, with it, the smooth penile muscles unwind and widen in size.
  • Furthermore, the arteries in the penis expand.
  • Thus, the pills support the supply of huge blood volume to the member.
  • Hence, with a prolific blood supply, your penis becomes hard and erect for erection.
  • Also, the PDE5 enzyme decimates the cyclic GMP in the penis.
  • Moreover, here Eriacta 100 saves cyclic GMP annihilation by PDE5.
  • Besides, this gives rise to rewarding erection with immense blood supply.

How to Take Eriacta 100?

  • You eat the pills of Eriacta 100mg as your physician suggests.
  • Also, the duration and dose of the pills purely depend on the doctor’s discretion.
  • Besides, you must consume Eriacta 100 tablets wholly without splitting, crushing, chewing, breaking, or grating them.
  • Moreover, a user can ingest this pill medication without meals or alongside food.
  • However, heavy fatty food is not advisable.
  • Plus, eat this pill one hour before planning a lovemaking session.
  • Additionally, a patient of ED cannot use over one pill in a day.

What Are The Common Drug Interactions

  • The drug interaction begins with ketoconazole, HIV/AIDS medications, itraconazole, remedies for the prostate issue, high blood pressure drugs, and other ED medicines.
  • Plus, alpha-blockers, protease inhibitors, amyl nitrate, riociguat, and nitroglycerin start the interaction.


The pills of Eriacta 100 are indicated in the issues of pulmonary arterial hypertension and ED.

Storage conditions

25-30 degree Celsius temperature is suitable for storing Eriacta 100mg pills. However, save the pills from wetness and heat.

Why Buy Eriacta 100 From Us?

  • The tablets of Eriacta 100mg are very vital for ED patients.
  • Therefore, the users of this pill need a highly reliable online vendor that sells quality medicament.
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