Tastylia 10 mg (Tadalafil)

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Erectile Dysfunction


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Tastylia 10 mg (Tadalafil) - 10mg

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What is Tastylia 10 mg?

Tastylia 10 mg tablets are used to cure erectile dysfunction problems in men by allowing the flow of blood vessels into the men’s genital organ – penis and making it hard while they are indulging in any sexual activities.

Uses of Tastylia 10 mg?

Tastylia tablets are used when men have loosened their ability to erect the penis, it supports the penis by maintaining its hardness and allowing the circulation of blood in that particular area.

By the prescription of the doctor, this medication should be taken. Millions of people used to cure their genital organ problems through Tastylia 10 mg tablets.

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Tastylia 10 mg tablets have a composition of Tadalafil with them. These 10 mg pills take about 22-30 minutes to process after the patient with erectile dysfunction failure takes them.

The tablet should be taken twice, once per day only when the doctor prescribed it. In any case, if anyone takes it without the prescription of a doctor they may get side effects.

Before engaging in any sexual activity Tastylia 10 mg tablets should be taken for better results your bed partner These tablets have different Strengths according to their different patients having the failure of ED.

Benefits of Tastylia 10 mg

Tastylia 10 mg tablets focus on maintaining the healthy sexual life of the patient getting problems in their penis due to which they can’t perform well in bed with their partner.

Erectile Dysfunction in men also affect their sex life due to which they get problems in the relationship, doctor prescribes Tastiliya 10 mg medication to take to get better results and helps their penis to perform for more than 24 hours and even more easily.

It also increases your confidence level with your sex partner while having sex.

How does Tastylia 10 mg work?

Tastylia belongs to the Sildenafil and tadalafil categories of inhibitors. cGMP hormones allow vasodilate action and make penis tissues more engaging to blood vessels. It acts quickly while you intake the tablets.

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Keeping the information about the manufacturer company and the date of manufacturer of the tablet is a very necessary condition every customer should keep in their mind

Overdosing should be avoided. If anyone has missed the dose then this medication can’t be taken again on a particular day, only once within 24 hours.

Another important precaution that should be taken is that you don’t take this type of medication your doctor’s prescription has recommended.

Food and drink such as alcohol, grape juices, chemical agents, narcotic tablets, etc should be avoided.

Heart and diabetes patients should not take tastliya tablets 10 mg, it may give them another kind of illness like their –

  • BP fall immediately
  • Headache, cough, and many other problems at the same time
  • Low Pulse rate problems

Side Effects:

  • Flushing
  • Headache
  • Blurred vision
  • Muscle pain
  • Upset stomach
  • Rash

Frequently Asked Questions:

In Which Condition Tastylia 10 mg should not be taken?

Tastliya 10 mg tablet shouldn’t be taken if you are or you were suffering from any kind of allergies or had a prior internal organs disease like heart disease

What is the proper time to take Tastylia 10 mg?

There is no particular time decided to take Tastylia 10 mg tablets, It should be consumed at any time of the day within 24 hours.

If you planning to have sex with your sex partner then you should take it before 30 or 60 minutes until then it will start its initial process of erection.

Can we take Tastylia 10 mg without food?

Yes, you can take Tastylia 10 mg with or without food. Take it with water orally for about one pill for better sex results before 30 or 60 min having sex with your partner.

What is the price of Tastylia 10 mg?

Tastylia Price range starts from 7$ per leaflet having 10 – 12 pills. Its prices may vary in some places and countries due to export and market value.

What is the brand name of Tastylia 10 mg?

Tastylia 10 is the brand name Cialis these Tadalafil tablets are popular and sold in other countries with this brand name.


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