Malegra DXT plus (Sildenafil / Duloxetine)

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Sildenafil Citrate/Duloxetine


Erectile Dysfunction


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Malegra DXT plus (Sildenafil / Duloxetine) - 100mg+60mg

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What is Malegra DXT plus?

Malegra DXT Plus is a curable medicine providing relief to male patients from not one but two different sexual disorders.

This is a medicine that you can take for curing not one but two different male sexual disorders relating to the penis which are Erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

The problem of erectile dysfunction does not allow you to get a hard penis erection which may be due to an existing physical or psychological disorder.

Along with this your suffering also includes ejaculating prematurely and you are not able to continue for much longer when in bed.

This is a pill that you need to take only after receiving consent from the doctors and also maintain the strict dose as the doctors confirm.


Uses Of The Malegra DXT plus

As you may know by now that the use of Malegra DXT plus is bi-fold. Use of the Malegra DXT plus pills allows you for a temporary cure to both the disorders that are ED and PE.

Remember that such use is done only for some time which is for a period of not more than a period of a few months to 2 years at maximum.

Generally, you need to avoid using the Malegra DXT plus doses if you are allergic to any one of the generic substances which we will speak about later.

As for now, just remember that you are using the Malegra DXT plus for curing two different make sexual disorders as the pills have one substance each targeting a temporary cure to one of them.

How Malegra DXT plus Treats Erectile Dysfunction In Men?

Let us come to know about the two generic ingredients that you will find in a pill of Malegra DXT plus. Ell, the first one is Sildenafil which is there to give a response in the form of harder erections and curing ED.

Generic Sildenafil is also highly popular by the name generic Viagra and its family of drugs includes the PDE-5 hormone inhibiting group.

When you take the pills it leads to vasodilation actions due to the pampering of nitric oxide the body’s natural vasodilation agent.

This occurs when Sildenafil blocks off PDE-5 hormones and allows the secretion of cGMP hormones. With blood flow into the penis tissue flowing at more pace, you can increase the penis sensitivity allowing for a harder penis and an erection.

As for curating premature ejaculation, this happens with the substance Duloxetine which is also there in the pills. Its serotonin hormone reuptake prevention qualities allow more serotonin hormones in the brain that give you a feel to control and drive the urge to ejaculate when you are at a climax.


Now that you know about the two generic substances that are found in the pills it is time for us to have a look at the dose of the Malegra DXT plus pills. well, the total dose of the pill is 160mg.

Within this, you have Sildenafil whose amount is 100mg and the rest is for 60mg which is Duloxetine.

This dose is enough and is in the right proportions to bring about the good effects of curing both ED and PE while also preventing the formation of any contraindication among the generic substances.

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What to do if you Overdose or Miss the Dose Of Malegra DXT plus?

Malegra DXT plus a dose of 160mg is the only one that you find on the market. With no other dose options being available to prevent an overdose you must confirm with the doctors about your suitability for the actions of both generic Sildenafil in amounts of 100mg and Duloxetine in amounts of 60mg.

Make sure that your body can adapt well to the doses. Of course, as a general prevention technique do not take any more than a single pill of Malegra DXT plus for one day.

As with missed doses, a patient may forget to have their pill right on time. During this scenario avoid taking the pill when you remember about your missed pill.

Rather confirm with the doctors on safe intake of the missed pill. Remember that two pills taken on short notice may easily contraindicate and bring about side effects.

What is the Most Prescribed Strength of Malegra

Malegra DXT Plus is only available in a single dose configuration which is the 100mg+60mg dose. So supposing that everything is okay and the doctors also confirm you to use the dose, you will find a solution to both the male sexual problems with this one combo pill.

Buy Malegra DXT plus Online At a Cheap Price

With the Malegra DXT plus now available in online pharmacies, you can go and check out the pricing and discounts that you are getting here. of course, the online way of buying provides you with a  hassle-free mode of buying where you get medicines right at your doorstep although it takes a few days. Check out the offers and make your decision.

Why Choose Malegra DXT plus For Treating ED?

Malegra DXT Plus is not only just an ED curing pill but also holds the power to temporarily cure premature ejaculation problems in patients.

It is this benefit that tempts patients at least those who are suffering from both disorders simultaneously to use the Malegra DXT plus pills.

Precautions You should take While taking Malegra DXT plus?

An obvious precautionary measure is to avoid using the pill without getting consent from the doctors which may lead you to an overdose. Also, know about all contraindication effects of using the pill that is both medicine and non-medicine. Also inform the doctors of any of your present health disorders with special mention of any heart, liver, nerve, or kidney disorders.

Make sure that you do not take two or more pills as this will almost make side effects inevitable for you.

Side Effects

  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Stomach cramps
  • Chest pain
  • Fall of blood pressure
  • Hazy vision
  • Lower libido
  • Priapism
  • Pale face

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1) How to Take Malegra DXT plus For Fastest Result?

For faster results keep following a daily dosage routine and also maintain strict timing depending on your convenience at any time during the day.

Q.2) What Are The Common Drug Interactions

Drug interactions commonly occurring with Malegra DXT plus include all alpha-blockers and all nitrate derivative compound pills, some HIV and AIDs curing pills, pills for controlling the blood pressure, and others. Confirm with your doctors whether any of your ongoing pills have any contraindication forming tendencies.


Using the Malegra DXT plus has bifold advantages. It can bring you a harder erection and also maintain control of the urge for ejaculating as and when you want.


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